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“During my short attendance at this tuition center, I have learnt a lot of valuable things that has certainly helped me with my HSC. The friendly teachers and staff were always willing to help me regardless of their busy schedules. Their friendliness and approachable nature also encouraged my willingness to learn. Highly recommend.”


“Got my 92 in 4unit and 94 in 3unit thanks to PEAK. I was tutored by Mr Le who pushed me to my full potential. PEAK Tuition has a very helpful learning environment and gets desired results as well as very affordable. Thanks and definitely recommendable.”


“The staff’s incredible dedication and commitment to each and every student has helped me a lot in Prelims and especially HSC. Under their guidance and care, I have been able to develop appropriate and efficient learning habits towards Maths and other subjects that allows me to strive for the ATAR I expected.”

T. Pham

“A great learning environment, coupled with good value through low fees and multi-subject discounts. Teachers are always willing to help and are welcoming and warm.”


“The Tutors I have had throughout my Junior and Senior years of high school for Science and Mathematics have been extraordinary. Their dedication towards their subjects, meticulous teaching style and individual care for students have been the qualities that have allowed me to excel within school and the HSC. They also provide an extensive list of resources for each subject, free revision classes and homework help out of class time for free, reflective of the centre’s philosophy to help students achieve their greatest potential.”


“PEAK has helped me enhance my skills in both Extension 1 and Extension 2 Maths. The teaching style of all the teachers and the classroom environment has helped me to understand the concepts and apply this knowledge to solve harder maths problems. Not only the Tutors cover everything taught at school, but also provide us with easier and efficient ways of solving problems. This has helped me to achieve high results in both levels of Maths and gain a deeper knowledge into the subject.”


“I’ve attended Peak Tuition since my junior years of high school for English, Junior Science, Math, and HSC Biology. It’s helped me further understand the content taught in school, as well as allowed me to meet a whole bunch of new people and befriend individuals who I’m still friends with today. The Tutors are friendly and willing to help all the time, and I recommend it to any high school student wanting to develop a further understanding of what they’re taught in school.”


“PEAK tuition has allowed me to reach my full potential during my HSC year. The learning environment and philosophy of practicing questions rather than memorising question styles has allowed me to have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Mr Le’s teaching style has allowed me to gain confidence when approaching more difficult questions as he has taught the tricks behind their complexities. Alongside this, they provide endless amounts of resources from homework and past HSC questions per topic to past papers, ensuring the students have the maximum amount of preparation before exams.”


“By attending PEAK Tuition I have been able to successfully boost my marks in both Ext 1 and Ext 2 Mathematics as the Tutors were able to enrich my understanding of the theories involved in complex mathematics. The Tutors have also constantly motivated me to achieve the best marks throughout the semester and provided me with the best HSC resources to help with any struggles I would have. Their dedication to my own and my peers’ needs was invaluable and I am thankful that I chose PEAK Tuition to help with my HSC. I would highly recommend anyone struggling in mathematics and require a simplification of harder mathematical theorems to attend PEAK Tuition (Prices are very cheap for the quality of teaching).”


“Having attended PEAK Tuition for the past couple of years, I found that I was able to improve significantly under their guidance. Through the Mr Le’s teaching style, which involves breaking down concepts into simpler parts, I was able to understand the content much faster and in a much more tangible manner, where I could manipulate a certain concept and apply it to other questions. This resulted in me improving my ranks at school vastly and also led to my increasing confidence in approaching more complex questions. Moreover, PEAK tuition provides quite a lot of support for their students. The challenge classes, homework help times and past paper questions were invaluable resources for me during my HSC period. Coupled with the affordable prices, I would highly recommend PEAK tuition for anyone.”


“I owe my strong performance in Physics, English Advanced and Mathematics during the HSC to PEAK Tuition. The teachers are very knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring their students completely understand the content of the HSC syllabus, allowing the student’s examination results to better reflect their full potential. Alongside the depth of the theory taught in class, plenty of resources are made available to students such as past papers organised by topic and related text analyses. The classes were also quite small in size, allowing teachers to divide their attention amongst students well. PEAK Tuition supported me significantly throughout my HSC and this is why I highly recommend PEAK Tuition to those seeking confidence or extra support for their HSC.”


“Having attended PEAK Tuition since year 11 all the way to year 12, I have been able to enhance my understanding in Extension 1 Mathematics and improve my performance at school. This overall, lead to a more fulfilling experience when studying for the HSC, as I was able to apply the concepts learnt at school and the extra knowledge gained at tutor along with their free revision classes, to achieve better results in my exams.”


“PEAK Tuition is a distinguished tutoring centre with a primary focus on the enhancement of a student’s academic capabilities. Throughout my four years studying here, the dedicated Tutors never failed to assist me in every way possible; thus, I was able to attain HSC results far beyond what I thought I was capable of, for which I am very thankful. Definitely recommend for any future students!”


“PEAK has allowed me to excel well beyond my expectations, band 6 in both extension 1 and 2u mathematics. Mr Le and his staff have excellent methods of teaching and are to assist you individually even in group classes. I would highly recommend PEAK to anyone requiring assistance or anyone who would like to further hone their skills.”


“Peak Tuition has played a major role in catalysing my success during school. Through the resources provided by Peak, I have been able to consistently achieve the top marks in both Ext 1 Maths and Ext 2 Maths. As such I highly recommend all school students to attend Peak Tuition in order to grasp your full academic potential and do well in school.”


“PEAK Tuition has significantly contributed to my drastic improvement in Mathematics and Extension Mathematics during HSC by helping me gain a much greater understanding of the courses and giving me the motivation to push myself towards reaching my goals. This was greatly due to the time, attention and resources provided to me by my tutor as well as the presence of other friendly staff members who were able to help me with doubts on several occasions. A high quality tutoring centre at an affordable price.”


“PEAK maths tuition is something I hold accountable for any success I had in maths. Mr Le’s tutoring and his method of teaching is near perfect, and as a student, every concept was thoroughly understood. The homework format was very useful as it ranged from revision to harder questions which made us apply the skills and theory taught. However, smaller classes may be considered to ensure more 1 on 1 time with the tutor and avoid students not being open due to fear of a bigger class.”


“PEAK maths tuition is something I hold accountable for any success I had in maths. Mr Le’s tutoring and his method of teaching is near perfect, and as a student, every concept was thoroughly understood. The homework format was very useful as it ranged from revision to harder questions which made us apply the skills and theory taught.


“Tutors at PEAK Tuition have intensive knowledge of the syllabus content and are fully adept to guiding and aiding students through the stresses of HSC through providing extensive resources, tips and extra attention when needed. The teaching methods taught by Mr Le reevaluates then systematically builds maths concepts which strengthened my understanding, skills and learning habits. PEAK Tuition also understands the needs of students especially closer to major exams blocks, providing extra classes that rehash certain topics. PEAK Tutoring is the best possible learning environment at the most affordable price.”


“Coming to PEAK Tuition since my junior years of high school has allowed me to see remarkable progress in my results, especially in Maths, Science and English. PEAK is a great tuition with Tutors who are willing to help and guide students, a crucial quality that has ultimately allowed me to achieve my full potential.”


“PEAK tuition helped me achieve great results during HSC. The Tutors explained each concept and theory clearly which ultimately allowed me to achieve my full potential by expanding my knowledge of the subject area. PEAK offers great learning at an affordable price and I highly recommend it.”


“Great tuition to assist and guide students through the mathematics, english, science and biology courses of all years. Affordable for great quality of tutoring and is located conveniently in Cabramatta to allow access to most students within the region”


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