Year 11-12 English

Our program is developed to comprehensively cover the latest NESA English syllabus from 2018 while giving students a competitive advantage in HSC exam preparation. All course material is developed by an experienced team, and quality-checked by a head tutor to ensure the syllabus standards are met. Our program is designed and structured to start concepts at least one term in advance, so students can have confidence knowing they have learned and practiced concepts in advance. 

Why students choose to study at PEAK:

2-hour classes

Experienced tutors deliver a regular 2-hour weekly lesson that combines comprehensive theory with interactive discussion.

Text - Specific Classes

Classes comprising four or more students from the same school, or studying the same text, can form a focus class that caters to the students' learning


Access to past papers, HSC exam-style questions, example solutions and marking criteria.

Online platform

Access to our Discord community and email or message support with our tutors.

Exam preparation

Regular assessments with individualised feedback and revision lessons to simulate exam conditions and highlight areas for improvement.

Detailed Feedback

Thorough personalised homework feedback from markers to encourage gradual and visible improvement in writing

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